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Scientific Evidence: consumers increasingly want to consume sustainably & information on correct waste separation!

Scientific studies show that consumers want to know more about the correct separation of used packaging. As an official partner of the communication campaign "Waste separation works" or with the free separation notices of the dual systems, manufacturers have the opportunity to meet this demand.

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New separation symbols for consumer information and motivation: Easy to understand, informative & free of charge!

Packaging recycling in Germany makes an important contribution to climate protection and resource conservation. Separation labels on used packaging help consumers to dispose of it correctly and help to ensure that used packaging remains in the recycling loop. For this reason, nine dual systems provide manufacturers with cross-market logos.

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Masterclass Recycling - Sign up and dive into the world of packaging recycling

The recyclability of packaging is becoming increasingly important due to the Packaging Act, the high recycling rates and the rising consumer awareness of environmental issues. Our consulting services on sustainable packaging solutions also focus on recyclability, while still taking into account the equally important tasks of packaging, such as product protection, transport and information functions. In order to meet the complexity of these requirements for packaging, the cooperation and exchange of experiences of all areas of the packaging cycle is necessary.

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Packaging labelling in France - What is there to consider?

In France, some relevant changes will take place within the framework of the Circular Economy Act (Loi AGEC) adopted in February 2020. These are now gradually being implemented and you could also be affected by them if you place packaging, electrical appliances or batteries on the market in France.

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Customer information amendment VerpackG - All relevant changes at a glance

On 20 January 2021, the federal cabinet passed the draft bill of the federal government to implement the provisions of the single-use plastics directive and the waste framework directive in the Packaging Act and in other laws.

In the following we would like to inform you about the essential changes / innovations for manufacturers and distributors. Please note, however, that the legislative process has not yet been completed and changes may therefore still arise in the further course.

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Thomas Mehl hands over the management of BellandVision to his successor Diana Uschkoreit on 1 July

In almost two decades Thomas Mehl has built up BellandVision primarily responsible and developed it to the largest dual system. Now he says "Goodbye" and takes his retirement. He hands over the responsibility for BellandVision GmbH to his long-time companion and authorised representative Diana Uschkoreit. This new line-up will enable BellandVision to continue its successful path with continuity and reliability.

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Everything used to be better! Wasn't it? Digital platforms simplify the reporting of system participation obligated packaging quantities

According to the Packaging Act, industry and trade are obliged to report and pay for the packaging quantities placed on the market to a dual system (§7 (1) Packaging Act) as well as to report to the central body (§10 Packaging Act) and to deposit the declaration of completeness (§11 Packaging Act) with the central body. Only in this way can the Central Body, as the supervisory authority, determine whether all packaging has really been duly participated in the dual system and whether the costs for the collection, sorting and recovery of used packaging have thus been paid in accordance with the polluter-pays principle.

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BellandVision now largest dual system -  Market leader replaced after 30 years

It was already indicated in the planned volume report for the first quarter of 2020 that there would be major shifts in market share among the dual systems. In the special interim report Q1 of 23 January 2020, it was confirmed that BellandVision is clearly ahead in the system comparison in terms of total licence quantities. Due to its high licence volumes, BellandVision replaces the long-standing market leader and former monopolist as the largest dual system after almost 30 years. From its new market position, BellandVision also becomes the largest payer for the Central Packaging Register Office and the nationwide communication campaign.

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