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Sustainability is only possible with recycling

We represent sustainability - with full conviction

The earth’s resources are becoming increasingly scarce, climate change is advancing - and it is more than ever up to all of us to do something about it. As dual system and nationwide disposal service provider, we strive for the longest possible and ecologically sensible use of raw materials through recycling management. Currently the world's population uses around 60% more resources than the earth can produce in the same annually.

The selection of the waste management facilities commissioned by us (insofar as these are not selected in accordance with the requirements of § 23 VerpackG) is based on the premise of fulfilling the recycling quota (in accordance with § 16 VerpackG). Ecological aspects and technical innovations are central selection criteria* from an economic point of view.


 *Information according to § 14 (4) S.1 No. 3 VerpackG 
Zwei gelbe Mülltonnen stehen nebeneinander auf einem Gehweg mit Grünfläche im Hintergrund.

The magical word is: Recycling

The raw materials that nature provides us with are only sufficient if they are used conservatively, consciously and - in the best case - are reused. Under the guiding principle "The future needs recycling", we at BellandVision are therefore committed to closed recycling loops.

We accredit the positive impact of our daily work by the Institute for Energy, Ecology and Economy DFGE for more than ten years now: For example, annual CO2 consumption in Germany is reduced by more than 782,000 metric tons through the participation of packaging in our dual system BellandDual alone. By working with DFGE, we can also calculate the individual CO2 savings for each customer and issue you a CO2 certificate. Globally, BellandVision was also able to make its significant contribution to environmental and climate protection as part of the Veolia-Group.

Recycling needs everyone - really everyone!

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Functioning recycling begins with correct waste separation in private households. Packaging waste can only be properly recycled, if it ends up in the yellow garbage can or the yellow bag, in the paper waste and glass containers. Together with the other dual systems, we have therefore launched the initiative "Mülltrennung wirkt!”, which informs and motivates private consumers to separate their waste correctly!

With the free separation instructions, manufacturers and retailers who are registered with the Central Office have the opportunity to inform their customers about the correct disposal methods directly on the packaging.

Furthermore, we are collaborating with companies along the packaging disposal value circle on numerous initiatives to improve packaging waste recycling. BellandVision is involved in several projects, among other things, as a member and working group owner in the #ForumRezyklat on the topic of "Technology & Recyclability" as well as a founding member of the Federal Association for Product Responsibility for Sales Packaging (Bundesverband Produktverantwortung für Verkaufsverpackungen e.V. ). And other associations and working groups in which BellandVision is active can also be found in our mission statement.

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