Früher war alles besser!? Oder doch nicht?

Everything used to be better! Wasn't it?

Wasn't it? Digital platforms simplify the reporting of system participation obligated packaging quantities

Under the Packaging Act, manufacturers are obliged both to report the quantities of packaging put on the market to a dual system and to pay for them (§ 7(1) of the Packaging Act) and to report them to the Central Agency (§ 10 of the Packaging Act) and to file the declaration of completeness (§ 11 of the Packaging Act) with the Central Agency. This is the only way for the Central Agency, as the controlling authority, to determine whether all packaging has been properly included in the dual system and whether the costs for the collection, sorting and recycling of used packaging have been paid. Exempted from the obligation to submit a declaration of completeness (but not from system participation and data reporting) are manufacturers who have put less than 30t/a LVP or 50t/a PPK or 80t/a glass packaging on the market in Germany in a calendar year.

While reporting quantities to the Central Agency, it often happens that manufacturers send their data by post "in the tried and tested way". This type of data reporting also leads theoretically to the goal, but is not permitted. Since this would involve an immensely high administrative burden for the Central Agency. The data transmitted by post would then have to be entered manually into the LUCID database by the employees of the Central Agency. With approximately 189,000 registered manufacturers who participate in the dual system and therefore have to report to the Central Agency up to 14 times a year, the administrative costs of the Central Agency would rise immeasurably and ultimately lead to an increase in participation fees.

For this reason, both the filing of the declaration of completeness and the data reports to the Central Agency are only possible by electronic means. If you need assistance with electronic data reporting or uploading the declaration of completeness to LUCID, the technical support of the Central Agency is available on +49 (0) 541/34310555.

Also for the data reporting at BellandVision, customers have access to the „Customer Web Portal“ online. In addition to the fast and environmentally friendly transmission of the packaging quantities placed on the market, the software offers further advantages for manufacturers:

 user-friendly interface

▶ archive of all invoices and quantity reports

▶ current account balance

▶ overview of maturities

▶ difference report of the annual accounts

▶ easy transmission of corrections

To take advantage of the online portal, BellandVision customers must first register. Afterwards they can start immediately. If you have any questions, please contact our support team on +49 (0) 9241/4832-777.