Neue Trennsymbole zur Verbraucherinformation und -motivation: Leicht verständlich, informativ & kostenlos!

New separation symbols for consumer information and motivation:

Easy to understand, informative & free of charge!

Nationwide, an average of 30% residual waste can be found in the yellow bins and in the yellow sacks, in some places even up to 60%. This not only makes the recycling of correctly separated packaging more difficult, it sometimes even makes it impossible. In return, too much packaging made of valuable raw materials such as plastic, aluminium, glass or paper ends up in the residual waste bin, which is then incinerated and lost to the recycling cycle forever.

For more than a year, the dual systems have therefore been informing consumers throughout Germany with the initiative "Waste separation works! But that's not all! In view of the increase in the legally prescribed recycling quotas from 2022, BellandVision, together with eight other dual systems*, has decided to develop easy-to-understand, cross-manufacturer separation instructions that can be used free of charge.

The separation information is intended to educate and motivate consumers to correctly separate and dispose of used packaging made of glass, paper/cardboard, plastic, aluminium, ferrous metals, beverage cartons or composite materials. In the long term, this should increase the amount of packaging collected and improve the quality of collection. In addition, the separation symbols also inform end consumers whether a producer is registered with the Central Packaging Register (ZSVR).

Ein Hersteller - unabhängig davon bei welchem dualen System er seine Verpackungen beteiligt – muss für die Verwendung der Trennhinweise nur eine Voraussetzung erfüllen: Er muss bei der A manufacturer - regardless of which dual system he participates in for his packaging - only has to fulfil one requirement for the use of the separation labels: He must be registered with the Central Agency (LUCID). If this is the case, manufacturers can obtain the free separation labels quickly & easily on the website in just 6 steps:

Step 1: Read the licence agreement for the use of the free separation instructions.

Step 2: Enter the registration number of the Central Agency Packaging Register.

Step 3: Enter company and contact details.

Step 4: Specify contact person in the company.

Step 5: Check data input.

Step 6: Conclude a licence agreement for the free use of the separation information.


After signing the licence agreement for the free use of the separation labels, manufacturers receive all important documents by e-mail, such as the individual logo files. If you would like an overview of the different design options for the release notes in advance, the style guide is available for download on the website

Optionally, the basic layout can be expanded with QR codes or headlines. The QR codes lead to short films with additional information and consumer tips. If required, these short films can even be individualised for each manufacturer. With logo headings such as "Separate waste correctly:" or "Put me in the yellow bin", consumers can be given further - also multilingual - assistance.

*Nine dual systems have decided to jointly offer manufacturer-independent labelling for packaging in order to support distributors in educating their customers: BellandVision GmbH, EKO-PUNKT, INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH, Landbell AG, NOVENTIZ Dual GmbH, PreZero Dual GmbH, Reclay Systems GmbH, Veolia Umweltservice Dual GmbH, ZENTEK GmbH & Co. KG.