Ein sonnendurchfluteter Waldweg, umgeben von üppigem grünem Laub und Bäumen, mit dem Sonnenlicht, das durch die Blätter bricht und eine warme, friedliche Atmosphäre schafft. Ein weißes Icon, das ein Zertifikat mit einem Siegel und einem Fußabdruck, in dem "CO2" steht, auf einem orangefarbenen Kreishintergrund darstellt. Dieses Symbol steht für das Klimazertifikat.
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How much CO2 does my packaging save by recycling with BellandVision?

The future needs recycling - more than ever!

Climate change and scarcity of raw materials are among the greatest challenges facing humanity today and in the future. Recycling and waste avoidance, by means of a functioning circular economy, are therefore gaining in importance.

As a sustainable environmental company, BellandVision stands for the considerate, future-oriented use of resources. The conviction that we will also need resources in the future and that we must not consume them randomly today has been anchored in BellandVision's corporate principle for years: "The future needs recycling".

Successful packaging recycling not only reduces the use of primary raw materials, but also massively reduces CO2 emissions: the CO2 climate certificate provides BellandVision customers with individual proof of the positive environmental, energy and resource effects from the packaging they participate in at BellandVision.

Since 2013, the Institute for Energy, Ecology and Economy DFGE has been calculating the CO2 emissions saved through packaging recycling with BellandVision. The result confirms the importance of recycling for environmental protection: in 2022, over 480,000 t of CO2 were saved through the participation of packaging in the dual system BellandDual.

Das Bild zeigt ein CO2-Klimazertifikat ausgestellt von BellandVision. Es bescheinigt, dass die Beispiel Firma im Jahr 2019 durch die Teilnahme an den BellandVision Recycling- und Abfallvermeidungssystemen 80,0 Tonnen Verkaufsverpackungen recycelt hat, was zu einer Einsparung von 126,959 Tonnen CO2-Äquivalent führte. Im unteren Teil des Zertifikats finden sich Details zur Berechnungsmethode und die Unterschrift der Geschäftsführerin Diana Uschkoreit.

Your advantage: Certified climate protection for your company

In addition to determining our internal carbon footprint, we have also developed a tool in cooperation with the DFGE Institute that allows our customers to calculate their individual CO2 savings by contributing to packaging recycling.

This objectively confirms and identifies your contribution to environmental protection: Our customers receive a CO2 climate certificate for sustainable action in terms of climate protection and resource conservation, which is issued once a year on the basis of the individual material flows for the customer. You also have the option of integrating the CO2 climate certificate into your own environmental reports in order to supplement sustainability strategies.


The CO2 Climate Certificate enables packaging recycling to be measured

BellandVision's partner for the preparation of the study is DFGE AG - Institut für Energie, Ökologie und Ökonomie from Munich. All calculations and validations were carried out and validated externally by DFGE. The CO2 balancing was carried out according to GHG (standard of the Green House Gas Protocol) and based on the eco-balancing according to DIN EN ISO 14040.

The study looks at BellandVision's complete service chain: starting with collection, transport, sorting and processing and ending with recovery and recycling. In addition, the report looks at all the emissions generated by BellandVision's business activities (energy consumption, business travel, consumables, etc.).

For customers of BellandVision avoided CO2 emissions from saved primary raw materials and energy are thereby made measurable and shown in a CO2 climate certificate.



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For more information on the goals and contents of the cooperation between BellandVision and DFGE.

*Source of reference: R. Grießhammer: #klimaretten, Lambertus Verlag 2019 

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