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Quality under hand and seal

BellandVision is certified four times

We attach great importance to consistently high quality - which is why we are certified in accordance with the internationally established system standards in quality, environmental and energy management and as a specialist waste disposal company.

Through this voluntary audit, BellandVision has also qualified for the Bavarian Environmental Pact and thus actively contributes to environmentally compatible economic growth.

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DIN ISO 9001: Certificat for quality management

Our customers and partner companies in the waste management and recycling industry must be able to rely on the quality of our services. With the DIN ISO 9001 quality management standard, BellandVision meets a globally recognised standard that defines the requirements for effective quality management in a company. With our internal company structures and DIN ISO 9001 certification, we ensure and make transparent that we can offer you our services quickly, efficiently & reliably.

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Zertifikat der INTECHNICA CERT GmbH für die BellandVision GmbH, ausgestellt am 04. August 2021, bestätigt die Einhaltung der ISO 14001:2015 Standards im Bereich Umweltmanagement. Gültig bis 03. August 2024. Beinhaltet Unterschriften und Siegel.

DIN ISO 14001: Certificat for environmental management systems

Climate and environmental protection are among the greatest challenges facing mankind. As an environmental service provider, we try to make a contribution with our daily work so that resources are conserved and the emission of climate-damaging CO2 gases is reduced. For this reason, it goes without saying that BellandVision is certified according to the globally accepted and applied standard for environmental management DIN ISO 14001. Please contact us! We will be happy to advise you on how you can contribute to environmental and climate protection with our services. 

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Zertifikat der INTECHNICA CERT GmbH für die BellandVision GmbH nach ISO 50001:2018 für Energiemanagementsysteme, ausgestellt am 04. August 2021 in Nürnberg, gültig bis zum 03. August 2024.

DIN ISO 50001: Certificat for energy management

Our disposal and recycling services save energy every day. The reuse of aluminium packaging recycled by BellandVision saves 95% of energy compared to primary production. But efficient energy management is also important to us at our company site. For this reason, we have had our systematic energy management system certified according to DIN ISO 50001. 

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 Zertifikat der INTECHNICA CERT GmbH für BellandVision GmbH nach ISO 9001:2015 für Qualitätsmanagementsysteme, ausgestellt am 04. August 2021, gültig bis 03. August 2024.

Specialist waste management company in accordance with §56 (2) KrWG

Due to the proper and transparent disposal of our customers' waste, BellandVision has met the requirements of §56 KrWG.

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Zertifikat für BellandVision GmbH als Entsorgungsfachbetrieb gemäß § 56 KrWG, ausgestellt von m plan eG. Das Zertifikat ist datiert auf den 14. Oktober 2023, gültig bis 07. November 2024 und berechtigt das Unternehmen für die in der Anlage genannten abfallwirtschaftlichen Tätigkeiten.

... all reasons why BellandVision has been awarded by the Bavarian Environmental Pact!

Logo des Umweltpakts Bayern. Es zeigt eine grafische Darstellung mit einem blauen Himmel, grünen Hügeln und dem Schriftzug 'UMWELTPAKT BAYERN' in schwarz. Über dem Schriftzug ist das bayerische Staatswappen zu sehen.

As the only dual system based in Bavaria, BellandVision exemplifies the symbiosis between economy and ecology. Closing material cycles through recycling protects the environment and lays the foundation for a sustainable economy. BellandVision considers itself obliged to act in an environmentally conscious manner when carrying out its economic activities. It therefore also makes its contribution to environmental protection in its everyday office work, from an analysis of the flow of materials and energy to the reduction of waste, waste water and emissions, and has this regularly checked by external auditors. The fourfold certification is proof of this. BellandVision sees its participation in the Bavarian Environmental Pact as an opportunity to contribute to the positive development of Bavaria, true to its motto "The future needs recycling".

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