Sonnenaufgang auf einem ländlichen Weg mit Wegweiser und Holzzaun, der sich durch eine hügelige Landschaft schlängelt. Ein Icon mit einem orangefarbenen Kreis im Hintergrund und der weißen Silhouette eines Berges im Vordergrund. Der Berg hat drei Spitzen, wobei auf der höchsten Spitze eine Fahne weht. Dieses Symbol steht für das Leitbild von BellandVision.
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This is our (Belland)Vision

The infinite loop - the greatest objective in recycling

BellandVision is the high-performance waste disposal partner for all industries! We aspire to offer our customers high-quality, legally compliant and sustainable services at reasonable prices. That is why the constant optimisation of your disposal solution is an integral part of our daily work.

To ensure that we keep our promise of satisfaction to our customers, we regularly conduct surveys with representatives from industry and trade. Fulfilling the promise with success: According to the results of a representative survey (2020), BellandVision is particularly characterised for its competent consultancy and legal security. We would be happy to advise you on questions regarding your legal obligations, our services or the disposal of waste in general - we are here for you!

Das Logo von Bellicon auf Kunststoffpellets in den Farben Grün, Blau und Gelb.

Our objective: Economically and ecologically valuable solutions

Große Ansammlung komprimierter Plastikabfälle mit verschiedenen Farben und Formen, gestapelt in einer Recyclinganlage.

The protection of our environment and the reduction of resource consumption are firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy. As an experienced waste disposal company, we know that recycling is only possible if everyone works hand in hand and shares their expertise.

Packaging waste should be able to be reused and recycled as often as possible in order to extend the life cycle of the materials. We are therefore working intensively with our partner companies from the waste disposal industry and our customers to close recycling loops. In addition, BellandVision is involved in initiatives and associations that aim to close recycling loops:

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Verpackung und Umwelt e.V.

UMK-Sonderarbeitsgruppe RESAG

Forum Rezyklat

Owner of the working group „Technology & Recyclability“

We live by the philosophy of the Veolia-Group

Never before have environmental problems been so immediately visible and their consequences for people, animals and the environment so real. At Veolia, we are committed to driving positive environmental change. That's why we are committed to accelerating and expanding the use of existing solutions while creating the solutions to tomorrow's problems. We move forward hand in hand with our stakeholders, convinced that economic, social and environmental challenges must form an inseparable whole.

As prt of the Veolia-Group, BellandVision has of course also committed itself to the group's ethical principles. We focus on the values of motivation, commitment, courage and cooperation in our daily activities. The intire Ethics Charter of the Veolia-Group can be found here.

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