Masterclass Recycling

Masterclass Recycling

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The recyclability of packaging is becoming increasingly important due to the Packaging Act, the high recycling rates and the rising consumer awareness of environmental issues. Our consulting services on sustainable packaging solutions also focus on recyclability, while still taking into account the equally important tasks of packaging, such as product protection, transport and information functions. In order to meet the complexity of these requirements for packaging, the cooperation and exchange of experience of all areas of the packaging cycle is necessary.

Our Masterclass is your ticket to the world of packaging recycling. In just 5 online sessions you will learn about (1) collection and sorting of used packaging, (2) processing of packaging recyclables, (3) recycling-friendly packaging design & certification of packaging as well as (4) legal producer obligations at home and abroad. Finally, participants have the opportunity to address individual questions to our recycling experts in a (5) individual session.

Lassen Sie uns zusammen mit den Recyclingexperten von SUEZ.circpack die Kreislaufwirtschaft weiterentwickeln und melden Sie sich zu unserem Online-Workshop an. Termine zur Veranstaltungsreihe sowie die Anmeldung finden Sie unter:

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PLEASE NOTE: BellandVision customers receive a 10% discount for registering for the Masterclass. If you have any questions or would like to receive the discount code, please contact us by e-mail before registering.