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The Packaging Act makes obligations, our dual system fulfills them for you!

Packaging licensing put simply with BellandDual

In addition to the obligation to register and report data to the Central Agency, manufacturers, stationary and mail order businesses as well as importers of packaged goods (so-called first-time distributors) must participate their packaging in a dual system in accordance with the Packaging Act (VerpackG) (also known as packaging licensing). As the first-time distributor all you have to do is conclude a contract with us and notify us of the amount of packaging split up by type of material you are going to put on the market.

We calculate your participation fee - i.e. the costs accrued for the collection, sorting and recycling of your packaging.

Who is "first-time distributor" and is therefore obliged to participate in the system?


The person who packages products, sells them himself and/or sells them via the trade and is named on the packaging is considered to be the first-time distributor. Companies that import goods into Germany and are the owners when those goods cross the border are also considered as first-time distributors.

In the event that you are unsure whether you need to participate your packaging in a dual system, the quick check of the Central Agency and the catalogue of packaging requiring system participation can provide you with information.


How the dual system works in Germany

As the largest dual system in Germany, BellandVision also organises the comprehensive collection of used and completely emptied packaging from private end consumers on behalf of industry and trade and takes care of its sorting and recycling - as prescribed by the Packaging Act. It goes without saying that BellandDual, the dual system from BellandVision, documents all processes in compliance with legislation and creates an annual volume flow certificate that is checked by experts, which is submitted to the central office and checked by it as a public control authority in accordance with the Packaging Act.


On the safe side when it comes to packaging licenses: The dual system BellandDual

The participation of your packaging in the dual system of BellandVision ensures that your packaging brought onto the market in Germany is collected at private end consumers, sorted and the highest possible proportion is then returned to the recycling cycle.  

The legal obligations under the Packaging Act apply in particular to sales packaging, service packaging and shipping packaging as well as outer packaging that usually ends up in the waste of private final consumers and so-called comparable collection points. The latter refers to commercial or cultural facilities where waste is generated in a similar manner and to a similar extent as in private households (e.g. hotels, hospitals, schools, etc.).

Please note: The obligation to register with the Central Authority will be extended as of 1 July 2022 and it will no longer be only distributors of packaging that accumulates as waste at private final consumers who are obliged to register with the Central Authority. Instead, distributors of, for example, reusable packaging or transport and commercial packaging must also register with the Central Body.



Ihre Vorteile mit BellandDual auf einen Blick:

Legally secure:

We guarantee that your packaging is collected, sorted and recycled in accordance with the law


We offer you exact documentation of all licensed quantities via our user-friendly customer portal and confirm them with a confirmation of the licensed quantities e.g. for your declaration of completeness

Environmentally friendly:

We guarantee the best possible recycling of your packaging and we are also committed to an efficient collection system.


At BellandVision, personal contacts are at your side for all your questions concerning our comprehensive range of services

100 % secure:

Through the connection to the Veolia group, we combine economic security with flexibility of a medium-sized company.

Optimally networked: 

With our international network, we offer you comprehensive recycling expertise in all disposal issues.

Ecological and efficient: BellandVision's packaging license for first-time distributors

In addition to the efficient and at the same time environmentally friendly recycling of the packaging participated with BellandVision, another goal of BellandVision as an opinion leader is to further develop the circular economy in Germany and Europe with its services. In 2019, for example, BellandVision completely recycled all of the lightweight packaging that was participated in the dual system BellandDual dual in Europe.

Furthermore, packaging recycling by BellandVision reduces climate-damaging carbon dioxide emissions by more than 700,000 t of CO2 annually. BellandVision customers receive an individual CO2 certificate for each billing period, which shows how much CO2 was saved by participating in Germany's largest dual system.

Simply put: By participating in the dual system BellandDual, you not only meet the legal requirements of the Packaging Act, but also make an active contribution to environmental and climate protection.

Which obligations do I have to consider as a distributor of packaged goods according to the Packaging Act?

Registration with the Central Agency Packaging Register (ZSVR)

All first-time distributors are obliged to register with the ZSVR before placing their packaging on the market. They are then published by name in the manufacturer register.


System participation and data reporting with BellandDual

After the one-time registration with the ZSVR, distributors must participate their packaging quantities with a dual system - for example via online licensing with BellandDual - before they offer them on the market. Please indicate the type of material and weight of the packaging involved in accordance with the reporting frequency contractually agreed with BellandVision.

We calculate your license fee based on this information. In return, BellandVision will collect, take back and recycle your disposed packaging at the end user.


Data volume reporting to the ZSVR

You must also report the information on your packaging that you have provided within the scope of participation in the BellandDual dual system to the Central Authority. Like the registration, the data volume report to the ZSVR is in principle a highly personal obligation that may not be carried out by third parties. There are exceptions for manufacturers who do not have a branch in Germany. These foreign manufacturers may appoint an authorised representative to fulfil the manufacturer's obligations.  However, if you have any questions about your report (e.g. about determining the packaging weight), we will of course be happy to support you!


Submission of a declaration of completeness

If first-time distributors exceed certain de minimis limits, a so-called declaration of completeness (VE) must be electronically filed with the Central Agency in addition to the registration and the data volume reports. This also includes the associated audit reports for all packaging placed on the market, which may only be created by a registered expert, auditor, tax advisor or sworn auditor. The deadline for submission is always May 15th of the following year.

Anyone who exceeded the following packaging quantities in the previous year is obliged to submit a declaration of completeness:


Glass: ≥ 80 tons / year

Paper: ≥ 50 tons / year

Lightweight packaging: ≥ 30 tons / year

Ingeniously dual - who needs packaging licensing?

The Packaging Act primarily affects manufacturers and retailers who fill packaging with goods for the first time and place them on the market. All importers and small businesses are also subject to the obligation to participate in the dual system, you can find out more via the links below.

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