Ein Bagger mit einer geöffneten Schaufel arbeitet an der Abbruchstelle eines Gebäudes, Staub und Trümmer sind sichtbar. Grafik eines Abrissbaggers, der ein Haus einreißt, in Weiß auf orangefarbenem Hintergrund.

If you tear down, you also have to clean up: Reliable solutions for your construction waste disposal

Disposal of construction waste in compliance with the law with our efficient facility waste disposal service

Almost no other industry generates as many different waste fractions as the construction industry. For this reason, the Commercial Waste Ordinance (GewAbfV) additionally regulates the sorting, disposal and recycling of construction and demolition waste in addition to commercial residential waste.

Legislation requires that construction companies also separately collect and recycle other material fractions that usually accumulate on construction sites. Covered by the separation requirement are:

  • Construction waste with < 5 % by volume of non-mineral foreign components, i.e. concrete, bricks, tiles and ceramics

  • Wood, Glass and Plastics

  • Bitumen mixtures

  • Metals (including alloys)

  • Insulation material

  • Building materials based on gypsum


Many different waste fractions, some with components that are dangerous to health, also mean that numerous waste containers must be available on construction sites for correct separation and utilisation. To save time and costs, we develop a customized disposal concept for your construction sites and take care of legally compliant disposal with our nationwide network of partners.

Ein gelber Bagger mit geöffnetem Schaufelarm bewegt sich über einen Haufen von Schutt und Ziegelsteinen auf einer Baustelle.

The full-service site disposal for contruction industry - inquire now!

So that you can concentrate on your core business, BellandVision provides you with a convenient overall package. With us you rely on:

▶ Sustainable and smooth disposal of your branches and/or central warehouse through our nationwide disposal network,

legally compliant documentation of waste management,

continuous adjustment and optimisation of your costs,

a single contact person for processing, billing and complaint management.

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