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Safe & legally compliant from A to B - with our take-back system for transport packaging in accordance with the Packaging Act

Protected transport, sustainable recycling, legally compliant disposal

One of the most important functions of packaging is to protect goods from external influences - and this already during transport, e.g. from the manufacturer to the (wholesale) retailer. So-called transport and commercial packaging include all packaging used in large-scale commercial and industrial operations that is generated as waste.

Unlike packaging that accumulates as waste at private end consumers and comparable sources of waste generation, transport and commercial packaging does not have to be participated in the dual system, however the Packaging Act does place producer responsibility on the distributors: manufacturers and distributors are obliged to ensure that their commercial packaging is properly taken back and disposed of - and to document this in accordance with the legal requirements.

The VerpackG amendment implies changes for packaging according to §15 Packaging Act. We have summarized these for you in a fact sheet.

Full service with BellandTransport/Commercial

So that you can fully concentrate on your core business, we offer you the complete all-round service for your transport and commercial packaging with our nationwide disposal network. With BellandTransport/Commercial you can rely on sustainable solutions and individual service: We organise the return and professional recycling of your transport and commercial packaging and document the entire recycling process in accordance with the Packaging Act. You are on the safe side - and reduce your consumption of resources at the same time.

Tailor-made for your company: Request your individual offer for BellandTransport/Commercial right now.

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