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Disposal with the clever Sector Specific Solution from BellandVision in accordance with the Packaging Act

The all-in-one solution for your packaging: BellandBranche

If packaging that is subject to system participation is generated by a comparable source of waste generation that is equivalent to private households, such as hospitals, hotels or canteens, the legal requirements must still be met, but the packaging does not automatically have to be participated in the dual system.

The Packaging Act provides for a strictly regulated exception for packaging disposal: With the so called Sector Specific Solution, the distributor can recycle the packaging himself or hire a competent third party to take it back and recycle it. With our all-in-one solution BellandBranche, we are your experienced partner for the clever Sector Specific Solution - just contact us!

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How does the Sector Specific Solution for my packaging work?

The requirements for setting up a Sector Specific Solution are that ...

 the used packaging is waste that accumulates at comparable sources of waste generation (hospitals, hotels, administrations, etc.).

▶ the comparable points of waste generation are supplied in a verifiable manner by the manufacturer himself or an intermediary third party and that the packaging is regularly taken back free of charge, sorted and recovered in accordance with the recycling quotas.

▶ the connection to this free collection structure is confirmed in writing by the comparable source of waste generation

If the basic requirements are met, the first-time distributor must, according to the Packaging Act, also fulfil further requirements, for example, notify the Central Agency of the Sector Specific Solution before it is put into operation and submit a volume flow certificate every year that meets the requirements of the Packaging Act, as well as a corresponding certificate from a registered expert.

Sector Specific Solution vs. dual System – what’s my solution?

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A Sector Specific Solution is particularly worthwhile for distributors, if a large amount of their own packaging accumulates as waste at the comparable source of waste generation - this means that a closed system exists starting with the delivery and ending with the disposal of the packaging. This usually involves retail chains, e.g. from the system gastronomy sector.

The biggest advantage of the BellandBranche Sector Specific Solution: You receive the complete all-round service from the disposal experts. As a commissioned third party, we take over the collection of your packaging from the participating collection points through our nationwide disposal network and guarantee legally compliant fulfilment of the requirements for collection, sorting and recycling.

You can sit back, relax and concentrate on your core business: From delivery to recycling, we document your Sector Specific Solution in accordance with the legal requirements and prepare the annual volume flow verification audited by an expert.

Our waste management experts are happy to explain whether a Sector Specific Solution is profitable for your company in a personal consultation: Request your Sector Specific Solution now!

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