Ein Automechaniker in Arbeitskleidung und mit Schreibtafel überprüft den Reifen eines schwarzen Autos in einer Werkstatt. Grafik eines Händedrucks in Weiß auf orangefarbenem Hintergrund.

The right disposal solution for every service

File destruction, E-waste, etc. – this is how legally compliant waste disposal works for your services

About half of all employees in Germany work in offices. From discarded electrical appliances and paper piles to old furniture or work equipment, various types of waste accumulate there. This is precisely why service companies are also required by law to separate and dispose waste correctly. The so-called commercial residential waste includes plastics, paper and glass, but also electronic waste, wood & co.

For service companies such as tax consulting companies, architectural companies, providers of building cleaning services and many more, this means: In order to be compliant with the legal requirements, the necessary conditions must be created in offices to make it easier for the employees to separate waste correctly. As disposal specialists, we can help you implement an individual disposal concept for your office and optimize your disposal costs! 

Zwei Kollegen, eine Frau und ein Mann, besprechen  Dokumente auf einem Schreibtisch in einem modernen Büro, während andere Kollegen im Hintergrund arbeiten.

File destruction

Confidential data on paper, but also on data carriers such as CDs, USB sticks and so on, sometimes contain sensitive information and must therefore be disposed of properly to prevent third parties from viewing the data.

The full-service site disposal for services - inquire now!

So that you can concentrate on your core business, BellandVision provides you with a convenient overall package. With us you rely on:

 Sustainable and smooth disposal of your hotel or restaurant through our nationwide disposal network,

legally compliant documentation of waste management,

continuous adjustment and optimisation of your costs,

a single contact person for processing, billing and complaint management.

Do you have to take inventory or destroy documents on a regular basis? No problem - we also support you with efficient measures for one-time disposal as well as container solutions. 

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